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Django Unchained (2012) - Movie Image
Posted on 04.12.12 by David @ 10:20 am

The first teaser poster for the new Quentin Tarantino movie, Django Unchained, set for release on December 25, 2012. A nicely iconic image for one of our most anticipated films of the year (Tarantino is Tarantino, but add in Kurt Russell and I’m sold already).

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Grindhouse (2007) - Movie Image
Posted on 02.21.08 by David @ 3:47 pm

I am with the majority in thinking that the first half of Death Proof was overly talky. Should have let Kurt Russell do the talking, if there was talking to be done. Fortunately Kurt and the stunt team saved the day.

Source: Promotional Half Sheet

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Grindhouse (2007) - Movie Image
Posted on 07.27.07 by David @ 10:30 am

I am not surprised that Grindhouse was a financial failure (three hours of schlock nostalgia aimed at a cult audience didn’t find a massive audience - shock), but that has no bearing on its artistic and entertainment success. On that level, Planet Terror was as fine a slice of ripe gouda as I could have hoped for. I think splitting the two on DVD and in theaters is a mistake, though whatever the initial version, you know there will eventually be a combined DVD.

Source: Promotional Half Sheet

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Matt Zoller Seitz & Keith Uhlich On Tarantino
Posted on 04.13.07 by David @ 1:39 pm

Reservoir Dogs
[ View Image (1000×799) ]

A wide-ranging and frequently fascinating discussion of Quentin Tarantino’s oeuvre, inspired by the recent release of Grindhouse. Worth the reading time, agree or disagree.

::: My Tarantino Problem, and Yours
The House Next Door, April 12, 2007

Thanks to Greencine Daily for drawing our attention to this.

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GRINDHOUSE @ Atlanta Motor Speedway - Pics of Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) and ‘Vanishing Point-esque’ car!
Posted on 03.18.07 by Mike M. @ 10:09 pm

In an attempt to reach the car-enthusiast demographic, the publicity for “Grindhouse” included a tent at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the movie’s cars and stars. On March 18, “Grindhouse” castmates Kurt Russell, Zoe Bell and Tracie Thoms (all from Quentin Tarantino’sDeath Proof” segment) signed autographs, and Russell was repeatedly asked to sign fans’ jackets, which he graciously did (all the while ignoring a few boorish cries of “Hey, Snake!” from outside the tent). The stars were flanked by two of the film’s cars, including a white Dodge Challenger meant to resemble the Kowalskimobile from 1971’s “Vanishing Point.” Director Tarantino was slated to attend the Atlanta event but did not make an appearance.

(Click Here To Read More…)

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Interview: Director (and single-time actor) Joe Carnahan on making a post-Tarantino crime film - A CSB Exclusive
Posted on 01.17.07 by Mike M. @ 11:37 am

One look at the multi-tinted poster art for Joe Carnahan’sSmokin’ Aces,” ( and you get the impression that it’s being marketed as yet another stylish U.S. crime film made in the decade-plus wake of “Pulp Fiction.” And maybe it deserves to be lumped in with its similarly postered films (see collage), although it’s not half as derivative as Carnahan’s first crime feature, the amateurish 1998 Tarantino clone “Blood, Guts, Bullets & Octane.” But according to the “Aces” writer-director, the inspiration for his latest movie is, ahem, a “stately” 1987 comedy. In our interview, Carnahan discusses where he fits into the very referential world of current crime cinema.

So I thought you were the only competent actor in “Blood, Guts, Bullets & Octane.”

(Cackles hysterically) That shows how woefully poor your taste is.

(Click Here To Read More…)

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QT Fest: Update - Cast & Crew of Savage 7 in Attendance
Posted on 04.25.06 by Charlie @ 6:51 pm

As you may already know, the Quentin Tarantino film festival “QT Fest” is in its second day tonight in Austin, Texas. Tonight’s two films are:

1968, 94 min.
Richard Rush, dir.
Starring: Robert Walker, Jr., Joanna Frank


1976, 87 min.
Jack Starrett, dir.
Starring: William Smith & Jennifer Billingsley
Savage Seven and Hollywood Man.

Sadly neither is available, but reviews of both films will be up shortly. Just got this update from Blake: The cast and crew of the first film are in attendance tonight at QT Fest! Stunt coordinator for the film Gary Kent was the surprise guest tonight.

As usual, the film was preceded by an array of obscure trailers. Tonight’s included:

Evil Knievel
Angels Die Hard
Sidewinder 1
Viva Knievel, and
Glory Stompers

Before launching into the second film, I’m told Quentin sang nearly the entire theme song to Hollywood Man out loud! The trailers that preceded Hollywood Man were:

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
CC Rider
Devil’s Angels
Hells Angels on Wheels
Bury Me an Angel

Check back for Blake’s full report on tonight’s fun at Day 2 of the Best of QT Fest, coming soon.

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Hostel Contest
Posted on 12.28.05 by Blake @ 9:41 pm

Eli Roth Hostel
Eli Roth Hostel

Win the following Hostel prize pack:
* Hostel X-Large T-Shirt
* Hostel Mini-DVD Preview
* Hostel USA Full Size Poster
* Hostel German Full Size Poster

To enter:
Come up with an idea for Cabin Fever 2. Bonus points if you include Sonny Chiba and Philip Seymour Hoffman in it. The wilder and unique the better. The best sequel idea wins the Hostel prize pack. Deadline for entries is Midnight January 6th. Contest is open to everyone world wide.

Entries must be posted in the comments below.

Hostel opens in theaters on January 6th.
::: View the Trailer
::: Official Eli Roth Hostel Blog
::: Official Hostel Website

Lions Gate Contest:
Lions Gate also has it’s own Hostel contest going on with it’s own set of prizes. To enter it go to When entering tell them you heard about the contest from

XLarge Contest:
Not to be outdone has it’s own Hostel contest going on with it’s own set of prizes. To enter it go to:

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Definitive Combined Kill Bill On DVD And In Theaters?
Posted on 12.22.05 by David @ 4:05 pm

Tarantino: “I want to cut the whole movie together like one big epic with an intermission in the middle like a 60s film. It’ll be coming out in theatres. I’ve been holding off because I’ve been working on it for so long that I just wanted a year off from Kill Bill and then I’ll do the big supplementary DVD package.”

Cutting the two movies together is a good start. I’ll be disappointed if the DVD doesn’t use the color footage from the Japanese version though.

::: Tarantino brings Kill Bills together, Dec. 21, 2005

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Posted on 09.15.05 by Charlie @ 10:39 am


Quentin Tarantino’s film festival, going on now in Austin, Texas, continued on Monday night with “Documentary Night.” I must admit that I was skeptical going into documentary night. I love documentaries in general, but somehow it seemed out of place sandwiched between slasher films, killer crocodiles and Klaus Kinski as a Nazi. It’s a theme that hadn’t come up in past QT fests, and as Quentin said in his intro, he did this intentiontionally to mix things up a bit. There are plenty of great documentaries, but there are also “schlockumentaries,” he explained, adding that “A lot of wilderness footage documentaries were sold as exploitation movies,” though the first film of the night was not one of them.

The trailers that played before the first film were:

Nikki: Wild Dog of the North (1961, Directed by Jack Couffer, Don Haldane)
Wolfen (1981, Directed by Michael Wadleigh – you could hear Quentin cracking up when this came on)
Prophecy (1979, Directed by John Frankenheimer)
Phase IV (1974, Directed by Saul Bass)

DOCUMENTARY NIGHT – Cry of the Wild (1973, Directed by Bill Mason)
Rating: 2 out of 4 stars

The first film was a wilderness movie about wolves, and is not to be confused with the 1990s films (which are also about wolves) “A Cry in the Wild” and its sequel “White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II.” Quentin said this movie was one of those films where he’d seen the commercial for it and always remembered that commercial even though for a long time he hadn’t seen the movie. When he finally saw it, he was impressed that this movie was made entirely by Bill Mason, a real one-man show. He carted a couple of cameras around with him in the wilderness filming the wolves by himself, which is pretty impressive considering the conditions (often well below zero). Quentin said that after he saw this film, he was so impressed by it, he kept telling all his friends about scenes from the film to the point that he felt like he was re-enacting much of the film. So he decided to just go ahead and show it for the fest. Bill Mason, it turns out, was a hugely popular Canadian documentary maker – they even made a postage stamp for him:
(Click Here To Read More…)

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Posted on 09.12.05 by Charlie @ 2:07 am


In past QT fests, Sunday afternoon featured a special children-oriented matinee. This year, apparently because Quentin was slow to get the movie listings in for the fest, there wasn’t time to promote a kiddie matinee, but Quentin had one lined up, so they added it to Sunday’s lineup, and we ended up with three movies plus a 60 minute tv episode. Tonight wasn’t nearly as mobbed as the last couple nights, and so there were probably less than 200 people in attendance. (If you don’t know what a “QT fest” is, start here.

AUSTRALIAN NIGHT — BMX Bandits (1983, Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith)
Rating: 2 out of 4 stars

If they’d had a kiddie matinee for this fest, it would have been this film. “I can’t stand Goonies, let me say that,” Quentin said at the beginning of his introduction. This earned a few boos from the audience, which Quentin had anticipated: “I know my audience, I know it’s sacrilege.” But he went on to say that “If we’d grown up in Australia, BMX Bandits would have been our Goonies.” The US equivalent of a BMX biking movie for kids in the US was Rad, he pointed, out, it’s just that BMX Bandits is way better. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s Nicole Kidman’s first film (she had been in a few TV shows, but this was her first film). Quentin explained that his only criticism of the movie was that the bad guys are introduced at the beginning as really tough characters, like Reservoir Dog-level of harshness, and then by the middle of the movie, they’ve transitioned to purely comic relief characters, and so that inconsistency bugged him a little, but that was his only complaint. Otherwise, this director (Brian Trenchard-Smith) is one of his favorite Aussie directors, and that although he’d made some of the Leprechaun sequels, he’d also made Dead-End Drive In and Turkey Shoot, and one of Quentin’s favorite all-time Vietnam war movies, The Siege of Firebase Gloria.

There weren’t many trailers shown today, and they ran out of Aussie trailers half-way through, but the two that preceded BMX Bandits were:

The Last Wave (1977, Directed by Peter Weir, available from Criterion)
Dead-End Drive In (1986, Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, and this looked like a great movie)

I had never seen BMX Bandits before, but with the expectations set for a kiddie-matinee movie, found it to be a fun ride. A young Nicole Kidman and two BMX-bike-riding young guys are trying to think of some way to raise enough money to get new bikes. They set out to go fishing and find some advanced walkie talkies that trace police channels tied to a pier. They use “finders keepers” logic and soon they have new bikes, but also bandits on their tails, as they need the walkie-talkies for an upcoming heist. The never-too-worried kids manage to repeatedly outwit the bandits, using their top-notch BMX biking skills to out maneuver their pursuers. They communicate throughout this process via the walkie-talkies they haven’t sold, which unbeknownst to them interferes with police transmissions (they’re communicating on the restricted police-only channel), and soon the police are after them too. But when the police finally catch our stars, the kids discover that there are bounties out for the capture of the bank-robbers, and the three kids call up an army of BMX biking tots to ensure they’ll get the money, and with that money realize their one dream in life — to build a BMX bike racing park. But will they succeed? (Click Here To Read More…)

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Posted on 09.11.05 by Charlie @ 9:04 am


The second day of the QT Fest featured 6 horror movies, starting at 8pm on Saturday and ending at just before 9am on Sunday morning. Tim, owner of the Drafthouse, kicked off the evening with a reminder to turn off cell phones, saying that movie theaters should be treated as “sacred spaces” free from cell phone ringing infidels. He went on to say that he knew many of the people in the audience would not stay for all 6 films, and explained that “You people, when you leave early tonight, are a big f–king loser.” He also said something along the lines of, I know they’re horror movies, but “for the love of god, DON’T talk back to the screen.”

Then Quentin came on. He spoke for a moment about the fest in general, saying that “This is not a so bad it’s good festival — in fact, I don’t even believe in that sh-t.” He said he’s been really getting back into watching grind house movies in the last year and a half, and especially ones he’d missed the first time around, and that tonight’s marathon featured the best of that bunch. This was all a wind up for his warning to the audience about laughing during the movie. “Laugh when it’s funny,” he said, “Not to show that you’re superior to the movie — none of you people are superior to these movies.” And he meant it, but then added, “But you can laugh at Mausoleum.”

HORROR MARATHON — Psycho II (1983, Directed by Richard Franklin)
Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

The first movie of the night was Psycho II, starring Anthony Perkins, but not directed by Hitchcock. Periodically, in the past, Quentin has dropped some controversial movie opinions. I think it was QT5 that he said he preferred Bruce Li (in the Bruceploitation films) to the actual Bruce Lee. Last night had Quentin reminding the audience what he thought of Hitchcock. He started off by saying that he thought Psycho II was the best performance of Perkins’ career. “I like Psycho II better than Psycho” he continued, and went on to say that in fact he liked every remake of Psycho, including the Gus Van Sant version, better than the original Psycho, that he didn’t like the original Psycho that much at all, or any of Hitchcock’s work, for that matter. In fact, he said he liked all Hitchcock-esque films — except those by Truffaut — better than Hitchcock. Touché. (Click Here To Read More…)

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Posted on 09.10.05 by Charlie @ 2:54 am


Hello from Austin! The Quentin Tarantino film festival (or “QT6”), which kicked off tonight, is a special event for film fans. Unlike most film festivals that jockey for the latest and most headline-grabbing or shocking titles, Quentin’s fest is completely different. The films showing at this fest are all obscure titles from the 1960s to 1980s, and the appeal isn’t to see what’s new, but to discover long-lost films. Most of us who watch lots of movies do this all the time, seeking out old, interesting-looking films on dvd or TV. Well, Quentin takes this to an entirely new level. Because he collects film prints, and watched hundreds of movies each year that basically nobody has ever heard of, he has piles of movies that most of us would probably never come across in any format. Every few years (this fest since is his first since 2001) he picks out his favorite films that he’s seen since the last fest and shares them with fellow film nuts. There are no autographs, no interviews with directors or other glam associated with most film festivals. The goal is to have it be almost like we were visiting Quentin one day at his home and this is what he popped in — like one big movie night for film geeks, except there are a few hundred of us there. (Click Here To Read More…)

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